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Boat life. How to sail with babies: use the engine to knock them out & car seats in the middle of the boat for safe napping & then Luuk puts the sails up

Zeeland sailing antics with the Team. Happy times #netherlands

Back to our boating lives. Bruinnese, Netherlands. Home harbour

Bottom pic. Bruinnese at 6.30 this morning from my bedroom on board the house boat

Back to our boat lives / Bruinisse, Netherlands

Timo: Progressing his motor skills and Grace with a fishy tea. So nice, so sweet & all mine mine mine (well & luuks too). It’s days like this, that go so well, & bedtime without a wimper that make me feel brilliant & doing more than just coping

Happy Birthday to me & Ann. Finally I fe comfortable with this age thing. It certainly wasn’t the case when I turned 40.

Odd socks to suit ‘spitafields’ signage

Hello Grandad. Nice to see you again xxxx